Mikei® Red Reishi

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Discover why Mikei (“mee-kay”) is internationally known as the number one brand of Japanese reishi products in the market. Mikei products are developed by Nikkei Co. which was founded in 1980 by the Mayuzumi family. The Mayuzumis are the forerunners in mushroom cultivation in Japan and have been cultivating high quality red reishi in the mountainous region of Gunma Prefecture for over 35 years. The flagship product, Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom Essence, has been used by millions of consumers around the world since 1997.

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Mitsuwa aims to promote the concept of the perfect harmony of three life essentials: health, beauty, and energy. Partnering with only the most reputable and trusted manufacturers in the health and wellness industry in Japan, Mitsuwa combines advanced Japanese technology and superior natural ingredients to provide North Americans with the highest quality health and beauty products. Mitsuwa products include Super-3, Collagen Pure, Super Ume, Super Cordyceps, and Reishi Hand Cream.

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